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Were there any particular moments you remember that made you skeptical [that Matt was Harry]? They always had chaperones from the production team with us, to make sure we weren’t talking to one another and we weren’t looking at things we weren’t supposed to be looking at.And we had to walk down one block, one short block, to get back to the car from where we’d had a date.While all we know about Matt Miller is that he’s an Assistant U. Attorney who’s about to cross paths with the Intelligence Unit professionally (which will put Kim in an awkward position!), Marina told us that actor Zach Appelman was great to work with. We had a really good time, I really liked him,” she said.“We had to film our really important scene the first day, so we actually went out to dinner the night before to sort of get a rapport and get to know each other, so we didn’t have to be intimate the first time we saw each other.“They have been dating a while,” she said of the relationship between Burgess and Matt.

Sometimes, people from production would stand outside your room, when you’d think that they didn’t know you were up. It’s this new thing they’ve never done before, and they’re trying to be up and up with social media, and the way that the world is.” They really messed with us. The way that they did it was more subtle, so that it really got to you. We’re not in a romantic relationship as of now, and I think that’s mostly because of the way that our lives have been after the show. As an actress, is the show something you put on your résumé?

[The fake therapist said], “You have to learn how to trust your mind.

I understand that you’re in a different country, and you don’t know what’s going on, but you have to trust the people here.

They’d whisper, “You have to get him back to Buckingham Palace. Did anyone on the production team ever explicitly say, “This is Prince Harry? Your own reality started breaking down, and you were totally lost as to what was really going on. We Facetime at least once every two weeks, just to keep up to date. Has it been helpful, harmful, or neutral for your career? In the acting world, being on reality TV can be viewed as a negative thing: like you don’t really know much about the actual craft, that you’re just trying to get famous.

After Kingsley [actor Paul Leonard, as the show’s butler-in-residence] sat us down and told us, “This is him,” production was like, “It’s such a great relief to let it out, that, yeah, this is Prince Harry, but this doesn’t mean you have to treat him any differently.” And then they’d always refer to him as His Royal Highness. You never know what’s going to happen in the future. Some people look down on it; other people think, “Oh, good!

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