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He also discovers Herbie to have an incredible turn of speed for a car of his size and decides to take him racing.

For those of us who skipped relationship season, and possibly their flu shot, the Love leaves us nauseated and haunted by the Valentine’s Day decor.

At the following day's race, an apparently hungover Herbie shudders to a halt and backfires while Thorndyke blasts to victory.

However, as the crowd admires Thorndyke's victory, Herbie blows some whipped cream out of his exhaust pipe, covering Thorndyke.

Jim accepts, and despite Thorndyke's underhanded tactics, he and Herbie take the victory.

Over the next few months, they go on to become the toast of the Californian racing circuit, while Thorndyke suffers increasingly humiliating defeats.

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