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I thought back to those abandoned baby girls in Karachi, so much in need of the love a family like ours could give. There were so many questions to which people kept demanding answers.Steve and I decided adoption in Pakistan was the route we wanted to take to complete our family. Most disturbing were the comments from Muslim people. Make sure that if you do adopt she is light-skinned and fair.’ Our local authority, Oxfordshire County Council, put us in touch with Parents And Children Together (PACT), a charitable adoption agency which would carry out an assessment on their behalf. I remember hoping that she had never seen The Apprentice (I was runner-up in 2005) as I worried she would have already formed her opinion before meeting me.The lucky ones are discovered in time and handed in, to be found new homes with families to love them.The first few days are among the most crucial in a child’s life and I was worried about what might have happened to my daughter before she was discovered by the orphanage.Little did I imagine that a twist of fate would see me returning four years later, once again with a camera crew in tow, to film Adopting Abroad: Saira’s Story, the story of my quest to find a baby daughter of my own.What started as a personal journey, however, quickly became a descent into the dark abyss of the developing world.There, baby girls are abandoned in their thousands every year.In a country without a welfare state, there is no safety net for families overwhelmed by poverty or for young, single women abandoned when they get pregnant.

Often they have been placed in black plastic bags, their bodies blue.On the way, I telephoned Steve to let him hear his daughter gurgle and cry for the very first time.We agreed to name her Amara, a Muslim name which means ‘eternal’, as I held her in the back of a taxi.In reality she was three or four days old and severely malnourished. Lying there in her hospital cot, so helpless and small, with a drip in her arm and a tube through her nose, our perfect little baby could have been born with any number of hereditary disorders and illnesses.Previously, I had decided that, because of the potential danger to our son Zac, we would not be able to take a child with any serious problems.

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