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, that I thought to write a separate article on this.If you are facing any problem (other than Graphic Card), then please refer to Blue Stacks FAQ – All issues resolved What I have done is compiled a list of Blue Stacks Graphic Card Error’s and their solution. This is a very common which lot of people have complained about.I'd like to keep this page as updated as possible.See Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more.If you have a very old PC it might not have the graphics card that can run Open GL and thus Android won’t run on it.Now the problem is your computer may be having a graphic card, however its drivers are outdated. Drivers are directions given by your device to tell your computer how to interact with them.

When upgrading the BIOS and drivers still have not solved your issue, then there might very well be an issue with your operating system setup (particularly if you’re using Windows 8) or the hardware itself.Just follow some workaround (update a few little things here and there) and you are all set to use Blue Stacks – get access to millions of amazing android apps straight onto your computer.Coming back to system requirements (the computer configuration you are using), Blue Stacks runs smoothly on a system with 2GB of RAM.Blue Stacks app player is one of the most used android emulator for computer.This little piece of software allows you to download, install and run android applications on your Windows and Mac PC.

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