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Following public outcry, however, the company clarified that the stipulation referred only to these products, not to the breach itself.

Over 140 million consumers globally were affected by the hack, which took place between May and July 2017, but wasn't discovered until 29 July.

"Equifax has taken too long to notify those affected by its widespread cyber-security breach," said Morgan.

"People have been left in the dark for too long, which has increased the risk that they fall victim to identity theft and fraud." She added that the Treasury Committee will "consider taking public evidence from Equifax, particularly if it does not receive a full and timely response to these questions".

We welcome this opportunity to learn the lessons from this criminal cyber attack in order for all businesses to better protect consumers in the future," it said.

A 50/50 tie-break in the Senate was broken by vice-president Mike Pence casting a deciding vote in favour of the joint resolution to get rid of the rule, reported.

The rule in question stops financial services companies that bind their users by arbitration agreements from preventing them from suing as a class.

It had been speculated that those affected would be prevented from suing the company, after the US Senate yesterday repealed a law that prohibited "covered providers of certain consumer financial products and services from using an agreement with a consumer that provides for arbitration of any future dispute between the parties to bar the consumer from filing or participating in a class action concerning the covered consumer financial product or service".

: "Enrolling in the free credit file monitoring and identity theft protection products that we are offering as part of this cyber security incident does not prohibit customers from taking legal action.

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