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The complete lack of evidence to support a hypoxia/stasis theory has led many investigators to advocate the abandonment of the term stasis dermatitis.

Moreover, venous reflux, a sign of venous insufficiency, was found to some extent in about 53% of participants older than 50 years.

The president is the particular stickler for this rule (though he himself is rarely on time), and among senior management there is now a discussion about setting up a new system to punish people for being late. We’ve had some staffing issues recently and I know that our inflexible office policies are directly related to people leaving.

What alternatives can I suggest that will both enforce our policy but not punish the staff, especially when other members of senior management can’t seem to follow it? Obviously if strict arrival times are truly necessary to the work of the organization, you shouldn’t do that — but if they’re not, you should encourage your management team to revisit why they’re so committed to the current policy.

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That’s a good way to create a culture where people are cynical about the leadership and don’t see integrity as a particularly high organizational value. However, if the work actually require strict arrival times, then you need to change the way you’re enforcing the policy. They’re not working, and they’re a pretty weak way of addressing this.

In the 1970s and 1980s, increased venous hydrostatic pressure was found to be transmitted to the dermal microcirculation.

Well-run organizations keep the focus on results, and they try to give employees as much flexibility as they reasonably can.

That’s part of how they attract and retain good employees, and it’s how they build cultures that care about results over appearances.

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