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The family's car turns on by itself and begins spewing exhaust.

Alex escapes the garage and attempts to show her parents the footage of this incident, but the footage has been mysteriously erased. The next night, Doug and Alex go to dinner to talk about the strange events that had been occurring. He attempts to leave a message on Alex's laptop but Katie appears and kills Ben by snapping his neck.

The next day, Wyatt tells Alex about Robbie's friend, Toby.

After strange events happen, Alex and Ben set up cameras all over the house.

Wyatt looks behind Alex and she sees dozens of witches running towards her. The camera falls to the ground and the screen cuts to black.

Paramount Pictures announced on January 2, 2012 that Paranormal Activity 4 was in the works.

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Alex finds Ben's body and is suddenly knocked down by a force, presumably Toby.

Text states that Katie and Hunter's whereabouts remained unknown.

5 years later, in November 2011, Alex Nelson lives in a wealthy suburb of Henderson, Nevada with her father Doug, mother Holly, and little brother Wyatt.

Wyatt later reveals a green symbol on his back to Alex and Ben and tells them, "I had to meet him." Alex and Ben learn the symbol is from a witches' coven, one that would unleash a demon to possess a young boy.

They learn that to complete the possession ritual, Wyatt would need to spill the blood of a virgin - Alex is revealed to be a virgin. Alex follows them; Katie (from the original film), presumably Robbie's mother, has returned from the hospital.

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