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Fetishism can take multiple forms and has branched off to incorporating different races.

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With the white, heterosexual, male gaze being the norm, non-white people are often pursued for their different physical traits and cultural habits.As a result, the relationships between people are more of economic relations.Marxist fetish theory, also known as commodity fetish, states that "false consciousness based upon an objective illusions...[can turn] material objects into commodities concealing exploitative social relations, displacing value-consciousness".Freud's phallocentric fetish story has remained largely influential.However, Homi Bhabha points out the fact the Freud does not address race and skin in his theories of fetishism, elaborating racial fetishism as a version of racist stereotyping, which is woven into colonial discourse and based on multiple/contradictory and splitting beliefs, similar to the disavowal which Freud discusses.

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