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Processes can join a group, send messages to all members or single members and receive messages from members in the group.

The system keeps track of the members in every group, and notifies group members when a new member joins, or an existing member leaves or crashes. Groups do not have to be created explicitly; when a process joins a non-existing group, that group will be created automatically.

And soon I found myself working on a pure Java implementation of the group communication transport (now: ).

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The protocol processes the message and the passes it on to the protocol below it.Member processes of a group can be located on the same host, within the same LAN, or across a WAN. The architecture of JGroups is shown in Figure 1.1, “The architecture of JGroups”.It consists of 3 parts: (1) the Channel used by application programmers to build reliable group communication applications, (2) the building blocks, which are layered on top of the channel and provide a higher abstraction level and (3) the protocol stack, which implements the properties specified for a given channel.Ensemble was written in OCaml, developed at INRIA, and is a functional language and related to ML.I never liked the OCaml language, which in my opinion has a hideous syntax. However, Ensemble had a Java interface (implemented by a student in a semester project) which allowed me to program in Java and use Ensemble underneath.

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