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If this sounds like a disingenuous way to meet people, Men tend to enjoy good looks, women tend to enjoy a strong, masculine personality.But while it's pretty standard for a woman to artificially improve her looks, most blue pillers tend to shun any attempt to grow a strong, masculine personality. It needs to be clear that there's a spectrum to Red Pill attitude, as there is with any ideology.not what you want them to be." The community's name is a tip of the hat to the truth-seeking attitude in – Keanu Reeves pops a red pill to unplug his mind from a simulated world, freeing him to explore genuine reality.For Red Pillers, genuine reality goes something like this: Female oppression is a myth and men are the ones holding the short end of the stick.And they're growing: Eight months ago, Red Pill had only 100 followers. At the surface level there's nothing terribly contentious about this, but if you click around one or two layers deeper, you'll find plenty of examples why chatter from this gallery regularly turns heads.Like this: "You are hating women because you have the wrong expectations for them. Women are, by nature, manipulative, attention-seeking, inconsistent, emotional, and hypergamous. Once you do, you can game women for what they are ...

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girls jousting match of the mind, every word carefully calculated to make one seem as attractive as possible.

It can also be a person who's tired of what he perceives as a culture of misandry, seeing gender-based causes for social wrongs.

And it can be for guys who just want to get laid more often and want advice on how to get there.

It's a lengthy read worth of any armchair sociologist's time, and every word serves to further the idea that "the Western World has quietly become a civilization that undervalues men and overvalues women." Red Pill thought extrapolates this to the extreme.

The situation is "unfair to both genders, and is a recipe for a rapid civilizational decline and displacement, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by a subsequent generation of innocent women, rather than men, as soon as 2020."So Red Pillers' ideas and actions come from a place of resisting what they find to be a generally oppressive society.

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