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And Brittany and her friends may start to cyberbully Jennifer too. When cyberbullies want to get others to do their dirty work quickly, they often post information about, or pose as, their victim in hate group chat rooms and on their discussion boards.Cyberbullies have even posted this information in child molester chat rooms and discussion boards, advertising their victim for sex.But however they do it, they are pretending to be the victim and trying to create problems for the victim with the help of others.The most typical way a cyberbullying by proxy attack occurs is when the cyberbully gets control of the victim's account and sends out hateful or rude messages to everyone on their buddy list pretending to be the victim.She goes online and, posing as Jennifer, posts "I hate Brittany, she is so stupid, ugly and fat! Mary may tell Brittany and her friends that she read the post on and blames Jennifer for being mean.Brittany and her friends now start attacking Jennifer, and may report her to or her school. Mary looks like the "good guy" and Jennifer may be punished by her parents, lose her account with and get into trouble at school.

Can you think of examples of cyberbullying by proxy?

Cyberbullying by proxy is the most dangerous kind of cyberbullying because it often gets adults involved in the harassment and people who don't know they are dealing with a kid or someone they know.

"Warning" or "Notify Wars" are an example of cyberbullying by proxy.

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