Who is joe jonas dating right now

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In this one, (L-R) Nick Jonas, 25, Turner, 21, Joe, 28, Frankie Jonas, 17, Kevin Jonas, 30, and Danielle Deleasa, 31, looked to be enjoying themselves Frankie posted a shot in which he was posed in between the couple, who got engaged in October, writing: 'Love you both with all my heart, so glad we got to celebrate the beautiful journey y’all are embarking on.'Movie producer Jeff Kalligheri, who served as matchmaker for Joe and Sophie, posed in between the talented tandem with a heartfelt message'Love these two people and when I introduced them last year I did it knowing that [Sophie] has one of the biggest hearts in the world & [Joe] would respect her and recognize her for the beautiful soul that she really is & would be smart enough not to let her go once they met,' Kalligheri wrote.

He added, 'In a world full of craziness & selfishness, I like to have hope that the good people will always find each other.'Joe posed with his DNCE bandmates Cole Whittle, Jin Joo Lee and Jack Lawless, smoking a cigar, with the photo captioned, 'F--- Yeah!!!!!

“But in my normal life I like to wear more tomboyish things.

I like Opening Ceremony and a lot of men’s shirts and hoodies. “I’ll put on a bit of mascara and conceal my spots.

And you don’t feel like a jerk when you’re like, ‘My publicist says I can’t do this …

’ ” Dior wool dress and antiqued silver-finished earrings with clear crystals.

VIDEO: Winter Is “My favorite designer is Nicolas Ghesquière.

His aesthetics and his shapes are so amazing, and he incorporates so many different eras into his clothing,” she says of Louis Vuitton’s creative director.

In her role as tragic heroine Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner has exquisitely suffered her way through arranged marriages, bloody murders, and double-dealing power plays over the show’s six-year run.I think it’s way cooler to be effortless.” Likewise, when it comes to glamming up, Turner leaves the heavy lifting to her team of pros, maintaining a low-key approach when she’s away from Go T’s production headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In a job where you’re constantly wearing makeup and having your hair done, it’s nice to be plain and free.” Having grown up in front of the HBO cameras, Turner voices doubt that she would have had the fortitude to stick with acting were it not for the reassuring influence of her co-star and friend Maisie Williams, who plays Sansa’s swashbuckling younger sister, Arya Stark, and turns up as “Bae” all over Turner’s Instagram, which has 4.7 million followers.“This has been amazing and hard,” says Turner, who is from Northampton.But I found my strength in her, and I think she found her strength in me.” RELATED: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Cutest Couple Moments ; she plays the auburn-haired telekinetic mutant Jean Grey.But since November, the actress’s personal life has seemingly eclipsed her professional accomplishments—one side effect of dating Joe Jonas, 27, the former Jo Bro–turned–frontman for the chart-topping dance-rock quartet DNCE.

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