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A large study out of the University of Exeter Medical School in En­gland analyzed data from 10,000 city residents and found that those living closer to urban nature experienced a pronounced “green space effect:” a perceived sense of higher life satisfaction coupled with less mental distress.Although how exactly nature effects the brain is still unknown.The study homes in on the mechanics of the brains-on-nature experience: One reason nature makes us feel better is because it serves as a de facto emotional regulator, inhibiting our tendency to brood.

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It's also a way for women living with advanced disease to make the healthiest choices possible.

It can also be an urban park, a garden or even a tree-lined street.

The current lingo for describing different natural environments is green space (an area with a high density of green in an otherwise urban setting) and blue space (water-based environs with standing or running water such as oceans, lakes, rivers, fountains or streams).

James, the lead author on a 2016 study from Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, found that after adjusting for age, socioeconomic status and race, the group whose homes were surrounded by high levels of greenery had a 12 percent lower mortality rate than those in the lowest-vegetation areas.

The nationwide cohort study of over 100,000 nurses used satellite imagery to assess their home’s proximity to vegetation and then combined that information with their medical records.

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