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For example, while a woman may not directly try to take your money, she may try to steal your identity, or she may be an active alcoholic, substance abuser or have a history of domestic violence or other criminal activity.

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One online dating danger unique to lesbians Recently, while leading my lesbian dating discussion group, we've enjoyed some healthy debates on safety and online dating.

Worse yet, you don't know if the real person behind the beautiful female picture is actually a maniac who hates lesbians and would like to do who-knows-what to you, either online, in person or both.

Even men in supposedly responsible, upstanding social positions are not immune from the allure of posing as lesbians on dating sites. Online dating, just like offline dating, is here to stay.

But when the big reputable services like Match.com, e Harmony.com, etc.

discover a bad profile, they take action to remove it.

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